10 Quick Fashion Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

Summer’s upon us, and we all know what that means – sweating, sunburns, frizzy hair, and more sweating. Understandably, fashion takes a back seat for most people, when it comes to dealing with this brutal heat.

That’s unfortunate, because you don’t have to give up on looking good just because the sun is being a real pain. All you need are a few good tips and tricks so you can stay your trendy, fashionable self, while also being equipped to deal with the weather. (And no, we aren’t talking about bikinis 24/7 either).

Read on to find our quick fashion tips to stay cool this summer – literally and figuratively.

1. Lather It Up

Hanging out at the beach, backyard parties, and pool days are a must on your summer fun checklist, but make sure you’re well equipped to deal with all that UV! Before heading out for a day of fun in the sun, make sure to lather up well with sunscreen, or you could risk getting sun burnt!

2. Sun-Appropriate Makeup

The last thing you want when you’re out and about during a hot summer’s day is your literal face to melt off. OK, skipping the dramatics, you know the possibility of your makeup melting off is very real. That’s why it’s important to take precautionary measures before heading out. It’s also a good idea to switch your makeup products; so go for foundation/creams that come with sun protection and SPF already in them.

Another handy tip to keep the makeup you carry around in your bag from melting is to freeze it in a zip lock the night before.

3. Loosen Up

Believe it or not, showing more skin does not equal feeling cooler. In fact, the more skin you have exposed, the higher the risk of getting sun burnt is. Also, clothes that stick to your skin will encourage you to sweat, which is definitely not something you want! Instead, switch to loose-fitting clothes. Not only will they protect against UV rays, they will also keep you feeling cool as there’s enough room for air to flow through.

4. Don’t Be Flimsy

Lightweight clothes are a must during summer, but skip the cheap, flimsy ones as they can quickly turn from cool to drool. That’s because these kinds of fabrics will stick to your skin the minutes you sweat the tiniest bit! Pick pieces of clothing that are weighted down but will also stay away from most of your skin, either by a pleated waistline, lacework, or something similar.

5. Flip Flop Flash

Swap your shoes for flip flops – they’re cheap to buy, look cool, and help keep your feet from getting too sweaty by allowing for proper ventilation. No one wants athlete’s foot during the summer – yeesh! Since flip flops are pretty cheap, you could get a few different ones to match your outfits as well. And they come in real cool and unique designs too!

6. Natural Fabrics FTW

You’re much better off wearing clothes made of natural fabrics – like cotton or linen – than you are with fabrics like polyester or rayon. Natural fabrics are far better at keeping you cool, and even at absorbing sweat and drying faster. Polyester, rayon and the like will encourage more sweating, but do little to help absorb or get rid of it.

It’s a given that you’re going to sweat during summer, so why not wear clothes that will help deal with it in the best possible way?

7. Keep it Simple

Pairing a heavy necklace or a chunky bracelet with a loose-fitting top sure does sound like it would look nice, but with the sun beating down – you might want to leave them off. The more stuff there is one you, the more you will sweat, that’s a fact. Heavy jewelry will also weigh your clothes down and make them stick to your skin.

Apply the same rule to any other accessory you would have on you – from makeup to handbags – keep it minimal!

8. Wear Light Colors

Dark colors are notorious at absorbing heat, and therefore, will definitely make you feel hotter. Softer colors, on the other hand, reflect light and therefore, do the opposite. This summer, opt for light, breezy colors so you can stay feeling light and breezy.

9. Handy Glasses, Hats & Scarves

Keep a lightweight scarf handy with your wherever you go. Whenever you feel like you’re getting a little too much sun, whip it out and cover your shoulders with it. It will be so weightless that you won’t even feel it! The same goes for hats and sunglasses as well; these are essential tools that will help protect you against the harmful rays of the sun when you’re out and about on a hot summer’s day.

10. Make a Statement

Since we’ve been emphasizing on keeping everything minimal, we should also mention that this shouldn’t lead to you to lose your unique fashion identity. It just means that you’ll have to fin alternative ways to express yourself through fashion, that won’t weigh you down at the same time. So, don’t be afraid of adding a pop of color to your ensembles, a really interesting side bag, or even funky-shaped sunglasses!

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