20 Incredible Photos of People With Breathtaking Eyes

The first thing most people say they notice about someone they’ve just met are the eyes, and that’s because there’s a lot you can learn about the person through those orbs. They say eyes are the window to a person’s soul, and that couldn’t be truer with the 20 people pictured below. Take a look at some of the most captivating pair of eyes in the world!

1. Blue eyes are typically associated with lighter-skinned people, and are uncommon in places like India, where this little girl is from. Those piercing blue eyes paired with her chocolate-brown skin makes for a unique and enchanting photo.

2. Another young Indian girl who has gorgeous blue eyes. As we said, blue eyes are very rare in India; that’s why the people of her native village consider her to be a witch.

3. This is a popular photo that you’ve probably seen at least once. Not only does this photo show a pair of beautiful eyes, but also a whole lot of emotion that’s hidden beneath her stoic expression. Her eyes really are window into the soul of a person living in a war-torn place.

3. We’re not sure where this photo comes from, but that doesn’t take away from how captivating it is. Those eyes seem like they’re looking directly into yours.

4. Those eyes are the bluest of blue eyes; you probably couldn’t find another pair of blue eyes that look as blue as those! This little African guy’s smile is almost as beautiful as his eyes. Almost.

5. This little guy has eyes that could light up a whole room. It seems like he holds a little piece of sunlight in his eyes.

6. Bradley Cooper is a very talented actor. He is also extremely handsome and has incredible eyes. They are kind and alluring at the same time. And don’t think we’re trying to trick you, those are his real eyes, no contacts necessary!

7. Angelina Jolie is one of Hollywood’s most famous and successful actresses, and you can’t deny her beauty either! But her most striking feature (apart from those cheekbones), are probably her piercing eyes.

8. That little girl’s eyes look like they hold a lot more in them than any child her age has to. Heck, even the little one’s eyes seem the same. It’s sad to think that war and conflict is forcing these young ones to see and go through way more than they should have.

9. These siblings are quite popular, thanks to their gorgeous eyes. When one looks at the other, she sees herself in the past, and the other sees herself in the future. Lucky sisters!

11. Jared Leto is another celebrity with gorgeous eyes. His eyes are make him look very kind and considerate. His eyes are also uniquely sized and shaped.

12. This little red-haired girl has a pair of gorgeous eyes. Her clear skin and stark red hair, along with those pretty eyes are sure to make her one of the cutest toddlers in the world!

13. This is another pair of siblings who’ve been gifted with a great set of genes! These twins have really pretty brown eyes, pretty smiles, and pretty faces in general!

14. This main focus of this photo is this girl’s beautiful jade eyes. Let your eyes wander around and you’ll notice things like her unkempt hair, the expression of the children behind her, her clothes, etc. But even without looking at all that, you can understand everything you need to know about the picture by looking at those green orbs.

15. Mila Kunis is another Hollywood actress with amazing eyes. Her eyes are also particularly unique in that they change color according to the angle they are viewed in!

16. This wild and crazy singer has more than one side to her personality, from the poised, elegant one to the crazy, wild one. Similarly, her eyes also change color from light gray to piercing blue. She’s spoken about it, saying they change color according various factors like angle, day, mood, etc.

17. This photo shows one of the rarest phenomenons in the world. His eyes are a different color each! What’s fascinating is that your impression of what his personality is like changes completely, depending on which half of his face you’re looking at.

18. This is another pair of siblings with two great pairs of eyes. They look really pretty and innocent. The one with the dark brown eyes looks serious and reserved while the other one appears to be more outgoing and jovial.

19. Scandinavians are known to have lighter-colored eyes. It makes them look more graceful and slightly mysterious. This Scandinavian child with light gray eyes is the perfect example of this.

20. Brown, along with black, is the most popular eye color in the world. That might make it a bit too common and “boring”, but there’s nothing boring or ordinary about this picture!

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