3 Lip Makeup Things Men Hate

Ladies! You may consider that lip glosses and lipstick will make you more attractive towards the opposite sex. However, you can be wrong at times. As men barely know anything about makeup or lip products, no matter how much effort you do on your face can either go in a good or bad way. Further, no matter what technique you use, they will never notice the difference.

Although men have zero knowledge about lip makeup there are few things they will absolutely hate. Hence, it is important to avoid them especially if you want to impress them at one point.

Anxious to know? Here are the three things:

1. Bold Lips

Making your lips very bold can be the biggest mistake of your life especially if you are on a date. A man will never want to wipe off a very bright lipstick from his own lips so he may think twice before kissing you. You may think that intense colors may suit you but men consider it exactly opposite. Further, absurd colors such as green, blue, black should be out of the question for any girl on a date.

2. Overdrawn lips

Plump lips have been the trendiest things in every woman these days. Although men absolutely love fuller lips they don’t like it when a woman attempts to do a sensual pout. If you are really interested in them, you can go for lip injections which are temporary. These can be tested if it really suits your features or not. As fuller lips do not suit every woman out there.

If injecting is expensive, and probably thinking of doing an artwork on your face don’t push it. As a tiny wrong move can make you look like a clown. It’s best to stick inside a lip liner and be safe rather than sorry.

3. Ombre lips

Guys maybe clueless about the definition of ombre lips. However, to them it will look like your makeup is faded as if you had eaten or drunk something.

Therefore, don’t waste your time to get the perfect shade of ombre lips. It is guaranteed that your man won’t like it. This will only make you have a fake appearance.

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