6 Cervical Cancer Symptoms

Cervical cancer is one of the silent killers. There are very few to no symptoms until cancer has advanced. The symptoms and signs are very broad and they are often misdiagnosed. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any signs that you can watch out for. Below are few to keep an eye:

1. Abdominal bleeding

Most women, unless they suffer from a chronic reproductive disorder do not take notice of any strange bleeding. Bleeding mid of a cycle or during sexual intercourse or after menopause isn’t regular; you should head to a gynecologist immediately.

2. Unusual Discharge

It is super normal for women to have discharge throughout their life. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore any unusual discharge. If something smells rotten or weird or is too runny; could be possible signs of cervical cancer. Please see a doctor immediately to relieve the stress.

3. Changes in your bowel movements

If you notice that your bowel movements have consistently changed over a period of time. And if you pee more often or have pain while passing stools it would be best to see a doctor.

4. Exhaustion

Feeling exhausted is normal for a woman. But If you feel run down and are unable to bring the energy back to you, then there could be something serious. Therefore, keep a record of how you’re feeling over a period of time to make a decision to go to see a doctor. This could be fatigue.

5. Smoking

Women over 40 are likely to be diagnosed with cervical cancer. It’s a known fact that smoking increases the risk of any type of cancer. Hence, if you feel the above symptoms it’s best to take into consideration the fact that you are a smoker or were a smoker.

6. Excruciating Pain

Experiencing pain during periods is normal, but this pain is like having intense cramps in your pelvic area. It is best to see a doctor no sooner you feel such pains.

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