6 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Ice-Cold Shower

Who doesn’t love getting into a warm shower at the end of the day to wash away the physical dirt and mental stresses of the day? Well, from now on, you might want to lower the temperature of the water a few degrees. We know it doesn’t exactly sound appealing to take a cold shower, but there are several reasons why you should consider it. Here are 6!

1. Makes Your Immune System Stronger

Most people would subscribe a warm shower when you’re feeling under the weather, but did you know that regular cold showers are actually good for your immune system? No, we are not recommending you step into ice cold water when you are having the flu, but taking regular cold showers when you’re healthy may help prevent the flu from getting into your system in the first place!
That’s right, researchers say that exposing your body to low temperatures frequently will make your immune system stronger and more resistant to diseases and inflammation. And the good news is that you can do this by just having a 30-second cold shower!

2. It Gives You a Jolt of Energy

A nice shower can help you feel fresh and focused, but make it an ice cold one to give your body the jolt of adrenaline that will help you get the day started on a right note. Feeling sleepy or lethargic? Nothing a cold shower can’t fix! You’ll feel revitalized and full of energy in no time! And if you like taking showers in the evening, a cold shower can make you feel refreshed after a tiring day and help clear your mind.

3. It Can Make You Happier

Making it through an ice-cold shower is a bit of an achievement, isn’t it? You might even find yourself doing a little victory dance in your bath robe! This little “success” will make your body release happy hormones, and not to mention the adrenaline we mentioned earlier, which will count towards your overall happiness.

4. It’s Good for Circulation

Shocking your body with cold water is one way to stimulate every part of it! Cold water encourages circulation, which is ultimately good for your heart, muscles, and central nervous system.

5. Gives Your Skin a Glow

We all know that heat can dry out our skin and leave it prone damage. On the contrary, a cold shower can help heal your skin, making it feel more hydrated and softer. Since cold water “wakes up” your body and encourages blood circulation, this is very beneficial to your skin. So, a nice side effect of a cold shower could be refreshed, radiant skin!

6. You’ll Feel Less Cold

It’s not exactly pleasant to stand under running ice-cold water for 30 seconds, we get it. But if you can program your body to tolerate it, chattering teeth and all, you might also be able to program it to handle things better when the colder months roll around.
Simply put, since your body is already used to extreme temperatures, it will fare better when it comes to warming itself up naturally when the weather is cold – which will help you get through winter in a much easier fashion.

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