6 Ways to Fight Morning Sickness through Home Remedies

Pregnancy is one of the most life-altering experiences in a woman’s life. They go through a range of emotions from elation to anxiety, courtesy of all the hormones bumping into each other inside their ever-changing bodies. Another not-so-pleasant side effect of these hormones is morning sickness.

Although it says “morning” in the name, a better name would be “all-day sickness” because the nausea, vomiting, dizzy spells, etc. can last all day long. Typically, most woman experience it in the first trimester of pregnancy but some can struggle with it the entire 9 months. This can sour what is supposed to be one of a woman’s happiest times in her life.

Most medications are out of the question, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, as they can be harmful to the fetus. But we have some natural home remedies that you can try that are perfectly safe and might just work! Here are 6 home remedies to fight morning sickness during pregnancy.

1. Lemon

Lemons are an excellent aid in fighting nausea, which is why they could be your best friend when fighting against morning sickness. Lemons are also great for digestion and so will help your stomach settle down easier.

Sucking on a lemon straight will do the trick, but most people won’t be too eager to try that. Instead, squeeze a bit of the fruit into a cold glass of water or hot cup of tea. It’s important that you stay away from “lemon-flavored” desserts, as sugary treats can do more harm than good.

2. Mint

Another natural home remedy that provides all the same benefits of lemon is peppermint. It helps in the digestive process and helps your stomach settle. You can chew on a few mint leaves, if that’s your kind of thing, or you can infuse some of it in a warm cup of tea and drink it.

This will do wonders to help your morning sickness. And the soothing sensation a warm beverage provides can also be a great mental health boost, something that’s crucial during pregnancy.

3. Smoothies

Some pregnant women find that the sensation of chewing can aggravate their morning sickness, making them feel nauseous. But, more than any other time in her life, a woman needs a balanced, healthy diet during pregnancy.

To ensure that you aren’t missing out on any of those important nutrients, why not make them easily ingestible and digestible by turning them into smoothies? You don’t need any fancy recipes either, and you can switch it up to suit your needs every day. A good rule is to make sure your smoothie contains plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also other ingredients like milk, whey, yogurt, nuts, organic health mixes that are safe for pregnancy, etc.

4. Never Let Your Stomach Be Empty

The last thing you feel like doing when you’re staring down the toilet bowl is eating something. But in reality, nausea can often be the result of an empty stomach. As difficult as it may be, try to get something into your stomach so that it doesn’t stay empty.

Bland foods like plain bread, saltine crackers, nuts, etc. can be the best choice when you seem to have lost your appetite. Make sure to always have some healthy snacks around the house so you can grab something as soon as the beginning signs of morning sickness show up.

5. Plain Carbs

As we already discussed above, bland foods are easier to get down during morning sickness. Foods with heavy fragrances can intensify nausea and vomiting as they can leave a lingering smell long after you’ve eaten them. Plain carbs, such as rice cakes, wheat or rice crackers, sugar-free cereals, etc. are a good choice to have during meal times as they are often fragrance-free and filling.

6. Ginger

Another ingredient that has been used as a natural remedy for nausea since the olden days is ginger. Ginger is so widely accepted that it is even commonly used in commercial over-the-counter nausea medication. But you don’t need to buy any of those, all you need is the real thing!

Of course, ginger supplements can work, but the best way to utilize ginger may be to infuse some fresh into your tea. You can also find it in powdered form. Homemade herbal remedies that feature ginger can also be a great help against morning sickness.

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