7 Internet Beauty Hacks That Are Actually More Dangerous Than Helpful

This might come as a shocking revelation to you, but not everything you read on the internet is true, or to be trusted. Yeah, I’m kidding, you definitely already knew that. But what’s shocking is how many of us do believe such things and even take it into incorporating them in our real lives.

One such thing is beauty hacks. Now I’m not saying every beauty hack you’ve ever read on the internet is bull, but I am saying that many of them are. How do you distinguish between the genuine ones and the ones that can ultimately damage your health? Simple: use a bit of logic!

The following are 7 internet beauty hacks that are are actually more dangerous than helpful.

1. Transparent Nail Polish on Cold Sores

Seriously, who was the genius that came up with putting nail polish on an open wound? This may look good in the short run, but it will severe cause irritation and can cause the wound to become larger. It would better if you could get a special cream from the drugstore, they really aren’t that expensive!

2. Glue To Remove Blackheads

Not only does this not work, it’s damaging to your skin as the chemicals in glue can cause irritation and allergies. Get yourself some pore remover strips, and they’ll do the job perfectly.

3. Hairspray on Makeup

Skin, despite being the largest organ on our body, is extremely sensitive. This is why using hairspray to fix makeup is a grave mistake. Hairspray is full of chemicals and using it on your face can cause breakouts, rashes, and irritation. Instead, make sure to use makeup setting products that are suitable for your skin type.

4. Potato On Oily Skin

This beauty hack involves rubbing a raw potato on your skin, but certain elements that exist in potato can end up causing acne, breakouts, and clogging your pores. Get a good face wash that is specific for oily skin and use makeup products suitable for your skin as well.

5. Color Pencil Alternative For Eyeliner

Sure, it sounds cool that you can use any color you like as eyeliner for the fraction of the money it would cost you to buy different colored eyeliners, but it’s actually a really bad idea. Color pencils are made for drawing on paper, and thus contain chemicals and components that can be really damaging to your eye. This might be one occasion you just need to splurge a little and get different colored eyeliners (that are easily available)!

6. Coffee for Tanning

Coffee isn’t really damaging on skin (unless you’re allergic), but it’s a pretty stupid idea! Coffee isn’t a dye; so while it may tint your skin slightly, it won’t last for very long, which means a whole lotta effort for nothing!

7. Baby Products Instead of Adult Makeup

Using cosmetic products that are meant for babies on adults can be dangerous. Baby products are manufactured for baby skin (skin that hasn’t developed a protective layer), therefore using it on an adult’s skin can leave it deprived of oxygen and cause dehydration, paleness, dry skin, etc.

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