7 Surprisingly Bad For Your teeth

Everyone knows that it is not good for your teeth. But there are also less known factors that can affect your teeth. Did you know that stress, eating a lot of fruit and certain medicines are disastrous for your oral health? This is surprisingly bad for your teeth.

1. Eating fruit all day

A bunch of grapes in the neighborhood where you snack all day: in itself a healthy way of snacking, but not best for your teeth. The bacteria in your mouth turn the fruit sugars into acid and that affects your tooth enamel. Your saliva will neutralize the acidity in your mouth after dinner, but if you eat foods with sugars or acids all the time, you will not get the chance.

It is therefore best to eat or drink a maximum of seven times a day: three meals and four snacks. You prefer to limit fruit to one or two times a day.

2. Stress

Unhealthy stress can cause physical complaints. Maybe you already knew that you can get headaches and palpitations from too much stress, but it is less known that severe stress affects the teeth. It affects your immune system, making you more at risk of paradontitis.

Paradontitis is a gum disease that has spread to the underlying tissue and bone. You can teeth and choose by losing. It starts with bleeding, red gums and bad breath. If you have these complaints, it is high time for a dental visit.

3. Too high blood sugar levels

Diabetics often have dental problems, especially if they have high blood sugar levels too often or for a long time. Both diabetes itself and diabetes medication can cause a dry mouth. You then have less protective saliva, making you more sensitive to cavities. In addition, diabetics have separate teeth or molars and inflammation in the mouth.

Do you have diabetes? Tell your dentist and / or dental hygienist and have your teeth checked twice a year. Tooth (meat) problems can be treated better if they are detected in time.

4. Keep drinks in your mouth for a long time

The longer you keep sour drinks in your mouth, the more damage they cause. Acid does not mean that such drinks taste sour: in (light) soft drinks, fruit juice, yoghurt drinks and wine are acids that you barely taste. Let your wine roll extensively in your mouth or keep your cola in your mouth until the jab is off, then the acids are extra long in your mouth and the chance of erosion is greater.

Not too often drink, those sour drinks. With water, coffee and tea without sugar you are always good. Drink soft drinks or fruit juice, swallow it immediately or drink with a straw.

5. Some medications

There are medicines that can affect your teeth in different ways. For example, there is medication that inhibits the production of saliva, such as antidepressants and antipsychotics. Saliva now protects your teeth against holes, among other things because it rinses your teeth and has antibacterial properties. Chewing sugar free chewing gum can help to produce more saliva.

In addition, there are drinks, lozenges and throat pastilles that contain sugars and thereby contribute to the development of holes. Powder particles from inhalers that use asthma patients, for example, can also rub along the teeth. And substances that cause reflux can lead to erosion, because your stomach acid will affect your teeth.

It is wise to discuss with your dentist which medicines you use. Your dentist knows that he or she must be extra alert to caries and dental erosion and can also give you tips on nutrition, oral hygiene and other measures related to your use of medicines.

6. Rice, potatoes and pasta

With food that does not do your teeth well, you quickly think of sweets and other sugar bombs. Rightly, but also products like rice, potatoes and pasta are not friendly to your teeth. It contains a lot of starch. Dental plaque converts starch into acids that can cause holes.

It may seem that you can not eat anything at all, but that is certainly not the case. It is no problem to regularly put rice, potatoes or pasta on the menu. As long as you eat something at most seven times a day, your teeth have the chance to recover. In addition, good oral hygiene is of course important.

7. Suck on vitamin C tablets

You need Vitamin C for good resistance, healthy bones, teeth, skin and blood vessels. Some people, however, tend to suck vitamin C tablets, but you better not do that. Such tablets are already acidic anyway. In addition, citric acid and sweetener is often added. Holding such a tablet in your mouth for a long time can therefore contribute to tooth erosion. Swallow vitamin C tablets immediately.

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