8 Foods That Affect Your Kidney Health

Kidneys are a pair of organs located toward your lower back.It is one of the important organ in your body. The main function of our kidneys are detoxification. They filter your blood and remove toxins from your body. Kidneys send toxins to your bladder, which your body later removes toxins during urination. The National Institute of Health state that the average set of kidneys produce 2 quarts of waste per day and filters an amazing 200 quarts of blood.
Kidneys play a vital role in maintaining bloood pressure.it filters your blood wastes, control the body’s fluid balance, and keep the right levels of electrolytes. All of the blood in your body passes through them several times a day. It work around the clock to keep us healthy.

The kidneys are small but powerful bean-shaped organs that perform many important functions.When the kidneys aren’t working properly, waste builds up in the blood, including waste products from food.Therefore, it’s necessary for people with kidney disease to follow a special diet.
some foods should be eaten in moderation to avoid developing kidney disease. Even if you already have a kidney disorder its never too late to improve the health of kidneys.

Here are 8 foods that put insignificant strain on your kidneys. Some of them can be eaten moderately. While others should completely avoid on renal diet.
Stick with us to find out exactly how to balance a kidney-friendly diet.

1.Red Meat

Red Meat Contains more protein. It is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Protein is a “macronutrient,” meaning that the body needs relatively large amounts of it. But it is likely challenging to the kidneys to metabolize it.

Red meat is also quite highly contains saturated fat. Again, It is also needed for our kidney to work properly. But too much can cause some adverse effects it forms cells called macrophages in kidney tissue. It build-up acidic residue in the body and that ultimately damages the kidneys.

Red meat such as organ meat contains a compound called purine in high amounnt. which produce uric acid by stimulation. Kidney has capacity to process out uric acid as a waste. but when you get too much purine it tends to develop painful stones.


Alcohol produce toxin that your kindeys have to filter it out.Excessive drinking changes the function of your kindneys and strain them to do this job. moderate drinking doesn’t make it much difficulty. It changes the function of your brain, and makes them unable to effectively filter your blood.

Alcohol dehydrates your body. So It is must to drink plenty of water after you consume alcohol.
water is critical to the function of kidneys as well as every single cell in our bodies. This internal struggle is one reason that hangovers hurt so much.

3.Table Salt

Sodium maintain the proper fluid balance in our body and actually a important ingredient that keeps our blood hydrated enough to filter efficiently through kidneys.
Too much salt in your diet can ultimately raises the blood pressure and can even damage the filtering microscopic structures(Nephrons) within the kidneys. Kidneys are forced to hold onto more water to dilute it.

Make sure to eat potassium rich foods to improve the sodium-potassium balance thats so critical to hydration. It is better to avoid salt jammed processed foods of all kinds and some sweet ones. Eat much freshly prepared whole food can limit your sodium comsumption.


Coffee is needed in our daily life routine number of times per day. It contains more caffeine which acts as a stimulant and increase the blood pressure by accelerates the flow of the blood.It affects the kidney’s ability to absorb water and can lead dehydration.because of its diuretic property.

Two/three times caffiene beverages per day with plenty of water intake is low risky. If its consumption become more, it may worsen the kidney disease and create kidney stones due to chronic dehydration. Just make sure to get your fix from coffee or tea rather than sodas or energy drinks. We’ll talk more about that next.

5.Sodas and Drinks

These drinks are simply loaded with artificial sweetener,sugar and caffiene, as well as some dangerous colorings and chemicals.They deliver a blast of sugar energy and taste good. but comsuming these beverages are extremely problamatic. so reducing or eliminating these in your diet would improve your kidney function and averall health.

The are also diuretic like caffiene. the sugar level in soda or energy drink is simply too much per day for a person.This will damage the kidney tissue and affect their ability to filter blood. and create high blood sugar level. Because the kidneys are forced to excrete a lot of it in urine.

6.Artificial Sweeteners

These can be found in diet sodas, it meant to reduce our dependence on unhealthy sugar, but it wont work in that way. research show that it doesn’t actually lower the consumption of sugar
This could be a factor of a kind of psychological justification we tend to make – “I chose diet soda with lunch, so it’s okay to eat a couple of brownies with dinner.”

So its best to break the soda habit in your diet. Beacause research has conclude that two diet sodas per day will affect the kidney function adversely. If you really need a sugar substitute you can try some natural honey or stevia instead of artificial sweeteners.

7.Dairy products

As dairy products contains more calcium and other nutrients as well as protien,too much calcium can lead to kidney stones and your kidneys struggle to dump the excess into your urine. It is a healthy addition to your diet. but excess consumption can effect your kidney.

As time goes on your kidney will get tired and not able to process protein waste and it will reach a dangerous level in your body. Studies show that lower consumption of dairy products can delay the need of dialysis.

8.Non Organic Food

Non organic products has unwashable pesticide residues on it.It can penetrates into the food. It’s probably like ingesting poisoning by yourself. once ingested our bodies can’t be able to process these dangerous chemicals out, these small residues can build up their level in our body throughout our life.

Recent studies have shown that there are link between pesticide and kidney diseases but not exactly known yet.but higher level of pesticide residue in the body can cause significant oxidaticve damage to the kidney. This can lead to chronic kidney diseases

These informations can confuse everyone. But the final idea of this article is to improve your kidney health with a good diet of foods. If you give moderate work to your kidneys unless give over load work they will thank you for it. By all means, have your morning coffee, enjoy an occasional steak, and don’t fret about indulging your love of cheese sometimes. Just eat organic as much as you can and ditch the sodas.

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