8 Wet Hair Mistakes You’re Making !

The fight over wet hair usually occurs during a morning work rush or an event you are late to. In order to take desperate measures for quick dry of wet hair we try all sort of ridiculous things which can actually damage it. Your hair is one of the most important element in your lifestyle, it’s fragile and must be treated cautiously. Sadly many choose to ignore the simple day to day acts that can cause severe damage to your hair.

Old granny sayings are actually not wrong specially when it comes to wet hair. Myths can also be scientifically proven at times.

Curious to know what are these great measures that has to be avoided in order to maintain a healthy hair lifestyle? Well, here we go:

01.Avoid brushing / combing your wet hair

Brushing or either combing a wet hair must be avoided since the hair will prone to break or be stretched out. Such situations can cause scanty hair and major hair fall issues. If there is a sense of urgency to brush your hair, always wet your brush before you use since this makes the bristles much gentler and softer on your hair.

02.Never Apply high heat

Applying extensive heat to your wet hair by using a hair curling or straitening iron can severely damage your hair. Although, there are many heating tools and techniques to style your hair it can be often protected by applying heat protecting products. However, this is usually applicable only to fully dried hair.

03.Avoid blow-drying your wet hair on high heat.

Investing on a proper hair dryer with many options can actually avoid damaged hair. Many hair dryers come only with one option (i.e full heat / off). However, keeping the heat to medium or the right temperature and applying it to your partially wet hair will contribute to a more flawless look. Avoid letting your hair dry out completely and then blow drying since it will cause your hair to be more frizzy.

04.Using a soft towel or T-Shirt

Throw away that rough towel of yours and opt in for a clean t-shirt. This will protect your hair from damaging as well as dry your hair much faster. Shammy towels are super soft towels could which can also be utilized, these are however widely used for automobiles or swimmers for faster drying as they are highly absorbent in nature.

05.Never pull or tight your hair

Wet hair must must never be pulled or tightened. Avoid wrapping your hair tightly over a towel or tying your hair into a bun / pony tail. Such ways can stretch the hair up to third of its length and can cause breakage after it’s dried up. Moreover, doing such things on wavy and curly hair can make it lose its bounce.

06.Dry your hair properly

Not drying your hair properly can lead to many viral infections and eventually make you fall sick.  Due to many occasions the procedure of properly drying your hair is often neglected and is tied into a pony tail or a bun which can cause various infections that can ruin your healthy life system. These infections can specially affect your mouth and throat quickly.

07.Application of hair styling products

Most hair styling products insists users not to apply it on wet or damp hair. There is a solid reason behind this since the product is unable to be pasted on to the hair due to all the water and hence gets diluted and washed off. Therefore, it must be properly dried prior application in order to achieve good results out of the product.

08.Sleeping with wet hair

Avoiding sleep after a shower can lead to a flawless and a healthy hair. Since wet hair which has been slept in can cause much longer time to dry as well as get tangled when you turn and toss. Sleep over hair is usually not pleasant since it cause a lot of friction, breakage and tangles.

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