Amazing Tricks With WD-40 Everyone Should Know

Have you heard of WD-40? It’s an incredibly versatile product, which many people have stored in their garage. However, not many people know how many uses it actually has! If you have ever had to deal with a squeaky set of door hinges, then chances are you’ve used WD-40 before.

But it has many more uses that are sure to surprise you. The famous spray can be found at many appliance stores or discount stores.So if you have a can lying around the house, Here are 20 amazing hacks to get you started. Once you find out it uses you can’t live without it.

1.Polishing Silver

You can Polish your collection of silver that tarnishing over time, WD-40 is definitely help you out with that. Just spray a little down on your silver and wipe it clean. You will get a sparkle and new one.

2.Cleaning Shoes

Do you have stubborn rock salt spots in your sneakers during winter? Don’t worry. WD-40 is there for you. You can spray it and wipe out. If you want to make your whole shoe waterproof, spray the entire surface with the stuff.

3.Protecting bird feeders

To keep beautiful birds in plain view in your yard having a bird feeder, But squirrels are notorious for stealing the seeds. spray down the center pole with WD-40 and the squirrels will slide it off.

4.Cleaning toilets

You can use WD-40 the same way you would use your regular toilet bowl cleaner, you will notice that it gets clean quickly and stays clean longer not depending on the type of water in your house.

5.Unsticking gum

You can get gum sticking on shoes or worst your pants, when it doesn’t make it into the real trash can or accidentally. Spray some WD-40 and that will help it to come right off!

6.Removing crayon marks

Most kids scribble on walls with crayons. Do you have kids at your home who love to do this? If you try to remove the marks it may break your back. Instead, lightly spray them with WD-40 and they should rub right off.

7.Defrosting ice

Do you want to keep the ice from sticking to your windows during winter season? Believe it or not spray some WD-40 and then wipe the excess away. If you live in a cold climate year-round or you are gearing up for the winter season, this will definitely help you.

8.Removing water stains

It’s so annoying that the same shower you get into clean yourself has water stains. If you want to get rid of crazy amount of this water stains follow up your daily cleaning routine with a spritz of WD-40. stains will disappear quickly.

9.Polishing scissors

Do you want to remove stubborn rock salt spots build up in your sneakers during winter? there is your friend WD-40. Spray some amount and wipe it down. If you entire surface with this stuff you will get waterproof shoes.

10.Removing stickers and price tags

Using WD-40 you can peel off a sticker on a window or a bumper sticker on your car. Spray it and it makes a breeze. Just coat the sticker and gently peel it away! You know what a irritating it can be.

11.Unsticking zippers

Here is a good news for your zipper backpack or favourite coat which get absolutely stuck in a place. this is more frustrating during some urgent time. so spray some WD-40 and gently work them back and forth they’ll slide right back into place!

12.Removing tea and coffee stains

You know how hard to clean the coffee stains which spilled by your visitors or kids on your tea table in your home. Luckily we have our absolute friend WD-40 is here. combine it with your regular routine and squirt it. stains will vanish it in no time.

13.Banishing tar stains

If you face any situation that car covered in tar, then it’s correct time to break out the WD-40. Just spray a little amount on the stubborn patches or surfaces, it will get melt away like hot butter and how great is that?

14.Taking off rings

Everyone in their life time atleast once face this situation to remove the tight or stuck rings which wear regularly. Don’t afraid! there is a easy way for you with WD-40. cover your finger with it and slightly slide it off. you can see the magic!

15.Remove lipstick

Girls who need fun in their daily life, they should need lipstick to popup their look. it’s less fun when it transfers onto other items of clothing and settles in to stain. Luckily for you, WD-40 as a pre-wash stain treatment will help remove that lipstick in no time flat.

16.Helps Open Rusty Locks

Apply some WD-40 to rusty key or keyhole that won’t cooperate, and you should be able to get an easy entry.

17.Extends the Life of Shower Heads

Applying WD-40 can be extend the life time of you shower heads by years. because shower heads has a behaviour to break down over time, so this is an another household hacks for you.

18.Removes Mildew From Refrigerator Gasket

Have you feel disgusting gunk builds up on your refrigerator gasket? Of course we have all seen it before. Simply apply WD-40 and let it sit for few minutes and wipe it off, and you are done. you removed it quickly.

19.Filters Dust When Sprayed on Air Conditioning Filter

If you want exponentially more effective filters, spray a little coating of WD-40 on your AC filter before installing.

20.Removing Leftover Tape

Spray a little WD-40 on the affected leftover tape or old sticker area, it will easily remove it and make your home complete!

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