Bucket List: Sleep In A Polar Bear’s Den – Done!

If you’re someone that loves travel, adventure, and excitement there’s no better time for you to be alive than right now! With so many amazing places around the world, both historical and modern, you have so many destinations to choose from.

But if you’re an animal lover on top of being a travel-bug, you have to add France to your bucket list. Get packing right now, because France’s Zoo de la Fleche is offering visitors the unbelievably amazing chance to sleep in a polar bear’s den for the night!

Stunning Loire Valley

Zoo de la Fleche opened in 1946, but has added an extra unique attraction recently. You can rent a room inside the zoo, which offers you an unbeatable view into the den of polar bears, grizzly bears, wolves, and even white tigers!

Start Saving

If the idea of sleeping next to a wild animal sounds appealing to you, you better start saving, because one night in this amazing hotel room will set you back $246! And that’s not all; they’re also fully booked all the way through 2018.

Five Star Experience

At such an expensive rate, you can be sure that you will be getting the five star experience. The inside of these lodges are beautifully designed, not to mention the amazing view of getting witness such majestic animals up-close and personal.

Other Zoos Around The World

The idea has been such a hit that many other zoos around the world have started following in France’s footsteps. The National Zoo and Aquarium in Australia is one such place. If sleeping next to sharks or taking a bubble bath with a polar bear sounds like something you’d love to do, then you better pack your bags for Australia!

Different-Themed Lodges

Zoo de la Fleche has twenty different lodges, each with a different theme. You can dine with the lions or hand-feed giraffes in Jamala Wildlife. Or you can surround yourself with tress full of swinging monkeys in Ushaka Lodge; and if you’re up for it, you can even choose to hand-feed sharks!


Beauval, situated in Northern France, is the country’s most successful zoo. The park is home to three hotels, with a combined total of 900 rooms! Some of them also have different themes; one of which is a Chinese theme, paying tribute to the resident pandas.

A Brilliant Idea

These zoos have proven to be incredibly successful, and the revenue it brings in has helped keep them afloat. Giving visitors such close contact to wild animals not only offers them the experience of a lifetime, but also allows the zoos to take better care of the animals.

What Do The Experts Say?

Zoos from all around the world will start mimicking the concept, says Sophie Huberson from France’s National Union of Leisure, Amusement and Cultural Spaces. “They’ll all end up following this model, which lets them increase their capacity to invest. Those which don’t evolve will see their visitor numbers drop,” she said.

Ethical Or Not?

You may be wondering if this idea is ethical, but most of these animals are threatened in their natural environments due to poaching, climate change, and other man-made problems. The animals appear to be happy and healthy in their vast enclosures.

Make That Reservation!

What are you waiting for, it’s time to get on that phone and make that reservation! These hotels offer you an experience to share with your loved ones that you won’t get anywhere else!

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