Feeling Sad? Here are 6 healthy reasons

Even the happiest people are prone to get sadder due to events such as a breakup of a relationship, death of a family member or even for no reason. Nevertheless, being sad is generally considered as a normal emotion that many people try to push it down as it is connected with emotional weakness.

Although sadness can be a good thing it should never be compared with depression. As sadness is temporary depression however is a continuous feeling of hopelessness which requires a person to be medically treated.

Feeling sad?? Here are 6 reasons why it may be even healthy to be for short periods of time.

1.Builds emotional maturity

Feeling sad can help us be matured emotionally. It can act as a shield to help us cope for future sadful events. However, according to an article in the Telegraph, the society today jumps into medications at the starting point of sadness without going through it. “A growing number of mental health experts fear the increasing tendency to take a pill to beat the blues could actually affect human evolution,” notes the article. Sadness also helps us learn from our mistakes, it adds.

2.Provides life reflection

Feeling melancholy actually helps an individual to feel something. Similar situation includes on a rainy day being all alone and looking through old photographs with a background music can actually help bring back memories of happy times and places.

Going back to your memories can assist you to feel better. Further, it is scientifically proven that sorrow tunes of music can pleasure you as equal to someone being in the room and consoling you.

3.Draws the attention you require

When your sad and feeling down it makes your loved ones and those around you to give you space or help you even without asking for it. It is also noted that it gives us a form of validation as if we have the right to do it. Further, it is also noted that the concern from others is measured to the rate of sadness you are projecting. This can be problematic for those who are really just acting sad to get the attention of others.

4.Aids you to release unhealthy feelings

Crying maybe be embarrassing but this actually releasing all the stress, anger and pain. Crying actually purifies your feelings and emotions. The Everyday Health article refers it to a “safety valve” that allows out feelings that have built up too much. So instead of holding back tears, let them out. Do it behind a closed door if you need to.

5.Helps to learn empathy

Sharing a sad story and feeling sad about it can also trigger an emotional itch in your body. This can help the original person to recover as you are also dealing with their emotions and giving them advice.
This scenario affects children’s mostly in the playground. When a child falls off and hurts himself whilst the other kids run to the rescue. This helps children be more aware of their own feelings and know when it’s time to ask for help.

6.Negativity increases creativity

WIRED magazine says that artists who went through negative periods of life created one of the greatest paintings and music albums. These type of people are more likely to think out of the box.

A study which exposed positive and negative feedback about people concluded that the negative individuals completed tasks that were more satisfying than the rest. Hence, it was concluded that sadness gives us the ability to pay attention to detail. Further, it motivates us to try harder and prove others who are judgmental about their skills.

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