Here’s How Should Have Been Doing These Things That You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Along

Somethings in life we do just because that’s the way that we’ve always done them. And some things we do because that’s the way everyone else does them. But just because something’s done the way it’s always been done, or that’s how other people do it does not mean that it’s the right way to do them.

Did you get that?

Here are 10 things that you’ve been doing wrong all along and how to do them the right way.

1. Wearing Earphones

Headphones stay on much better if you put them on “upside-down” with the wire wrapped over your upper ear.

2. Eating a Burger

Holding a burger right side up while trying to take a bite will only cause you to get a bite that that doesn’t include everything in it, or cause it all to fall out the other side. Instead, hold it with the bottom facing you.

3. Using Hairpins

Did you know he squiggly part of a hairpin is actually the side that supposed to go underneath your hair? Well, now you do!

4. Holding A Wine Glass

Hold it by it’s stem, you imbecile! Only amateurs hold it by the top part of the glass.

5. Doing Squats

To get the best results when doing squats, you need to keep your body as straight as possible as you go down. That means not extending your but out, and keeping it tucked in.

6. Wearing a Backpack

If your backpack is sagging, it’s going to feel uncomfortable and add extra pressure on your shoulders. To make it more secure, tighten the straps until the bag is flush to your back and it doesn’t move when you walk.

7. Eating pizza

Does your pizza sag and fall at the tip when you’re trying to eat it? Well, that’s because you’re holding it wrong! The right way to hold it is by pushing your thumb into the middle to make it almost fold in half.

8. Holding a Pen

Always hold a pen at it’s tip, and maintain a firm and comfortable grip.

9. Folding Pants

The right way to fold a pair of pants is to fold it sideways so that the creases form naturally.

10. Putting on a Band-Aid

Putting on a band aid as you normally do on a finger makes it prone to slipping off easily. Instead, make a slit on each side of the sticky ends, and drape the pieces over each other as if plaiting them.

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