Here’s How You Can Drop Up To 34 Inches On Your Belly Without Any Exercise!

Let’s get one thing straight: it ain’t gonna be easy!

But don’t let that dishearten you; it may not be easy but it’s definitely attainable. And good things don’t come easy right? All you need to do is make a few changes in your lifestyle and maintain a healthy diet, and we guarantee that you will see results.

Here ‘s how you can drop up to 34 inches on your belly without any exercise. Good luck and stay motivated!

1. Move Your Body Some More

No exercise doesn’t mean you get to lounge around on your couch all day. Even if you’re not doing typical exercise, it’s important to keep your body moving to speed up that metabolism. It also grooms your muscles to getting fit. Some of the ways you can move around more is to take the stairs instead of the elevator, park at the farthest spot at the parking garage, and fire your dog walker!

2. Don’t Starve Yourself

Yeah, starving yourself is a good way to lose weight… if you want to get extremely sick, and gain all that weight back!

Food is the body’s fuel, so it reacts in ways that are certainly unfavorable when deprived of that. Your body is pretty resourceful, so when you do start eating again after starving yourself, it will store the food away as fat in case what happened recently happens again. So, all of that trauma would have been for nothing!

3. Decrease Calories

Reducing your intake of calories depends on each person; you can’t suddenly go from eating 3500 calories to 1500; the change needs to be gradual. But someone who is trying to lose weight would typically eat around 1200-1500 per day.

One of the ways you can get into eating lesser calories is through the “eat smaller meals more often” method. Basically, you’d eat a meal every 3-4 hours using small utensils. This way, you’ll trick your brain into thinking your eating a bigger portion and that you’re eating a lot.

4. The Carb-Cutoff

Carbs can give you energy, but those come from what we eat earlier in the day. Carbs that are consumed after 3 pm tend to get stored away as the body’s source for extra energy, i.e. fat.

5. Fat-Rich Fruits

Yes, fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals, but if they’re also fat-rich (like grapes and bananas), then you need to stop eating them. Another thing that you’ll need to avoid, or best keep minimal is fatty fish.

6. More Proteins and Whole Grains

With the absence of exercise, your diet is the main catalyst for your weight loss, so stay away from sugary and junk foods like they’re the plague! Eating healthy is very important; some of the delicious foods you can eat include low-fat dairy, lean meat (chicken, etc.), apples, vegetables, and foods with whole grains.

7. Detox Water

Detoxifying might sound like something the hipster-instagram-models types would recommend, but they really do work in getting rid of the toxins in your body and boosting that metabolism. There are different kinds of detox waters out there, but the best are with natural ingredients such as cucumber, lemon, cinnamon, etc.

8. More Rest, Less Stress

A good night’s sleep is also an essential aid in your weight loss journey. That’s because your body needs time to process those fat cells without being disturbed by external factors. Try and avoid stressful situations, as that too can be a roadblock.

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