How To Use Lemon To Lighten Hair?

To see your hair a little lighter, you have several options. Undoubtedly, one of the most common, simple and economical way, is the one we propose today. It is about knowing how to use the lemon to lighten the hair . As you may have heard, the juice of this fruit will add some more luminous reflections to your hair.

In addition, all without using any kind of chemical , so we know that we will be taking care of our mane. If you put it into practice you will see how fast you will notice the change, but that yes, first you have to discover how to use the lemon to lighten the hair, step by step. Get to work!.

How to use lemon to lighten hair

Using lemon to lighten the hair is very simple . Besides, it will hardly take us any time, so it always becomes a more than perfect option. Your hair will gradually look lighter than usual. Once you have prepared the mixture that we are going to comment, you can repeat the process once a week. This is because the results will see little by little. So you can continue to get a lighter color or maybe, in a couple of weeks you already have the wicks you were looking for.

Steps to rinse hair with lemon

Mix the juice of three lemons with a large glass of warm water . To put this into practice and in a very comfortable way, nothing like pouring it into a spray bottle. In this way, we add the two ingredients, cover and shake. We will have ready our lemon preparation for the hair!
Spray all the hair with the lemon spray . You can comb the hair so that the product extends well. Although if you see that this is complicated, then it is best to do a massage with your fingers and go. We will apply it when we have dirty hair and not freshly washed.

Now is the time to get outdoors. Much better if the rays of sun give us in the hair . You can walk or sit and read and take advantage of the time while we wait for the lemon to have its effect. With just over half an hour we will have more than enough. Of course if you’re comfortable, you can leave it for an hour.
After time, get the time to wash your hair as usual . Just remember to use a good moisturizing mask.

You’ll know that lemon juice can dry your hair much more . So, if you have normal hair, do not over apply a good moisturizing mask, once you wash your hair. Something that we have already mentioned but that is really important. On the other hand, if you have dry hair, then when making the combination with lemon juice and warm water, remember to apply a tablespoon of your conditioner. You can also add a few droplets of olive oil instead . Both options are perfect so that the lemon does not so dry the hair and leave you much more silky.

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