Lovebirds Olly Murs & Melanie Sykes Have Been Secretly Dating For A Year!

That’s right, Olly Murs, 33, and Melanie Sykes, 47, have been pretty secretive about their love lives lately, and we just found out why! They’ve been dating each other!

The couple was originally introduced by a mutual friend, but hit it off when talking about their shared interest in fitness.

A source told The Sun: ‘Mel loves a younger man and really fell for Olly when he got into shape late last year.’

They continue to insist that they are “just friends” but an insider claims there is a ‘real physical attraction’ between this star-studded pair. The source added: ‘They were initially introduced through a mutual friend. They started texting for ages and some of the messages ended up getting quite saucy.”

Melanie, at 47, has a body that every woman dreams of having, and she loves showing it off during her workout sessions through pictures on her instagram. And we’ve heard that Olly’s a big fan of Melanie’s selfies – and why wouldn’t he be – she looks gorgeous! The presenter also has an avid following of 121,000 followers on her instagram.

Melanie is currently the mother of two,

Melanie with her kids, 15 year-old Roman and 12 year-old Valentino Luca.

. The kids’ father is Melanie’s first husband, actor Daniel Caltagirone, whom she got married to in 2001. Following a seven year marriage, the couple split in 2008 and got their divorce finalized the next year.

She then went on to marry 29 year-old Jack Cockings in 2013, but the marriage didn’t last for long – not even eight months. She spoke out in public once the divorce had been finalized to Fabulous magazine in 2016.

She said: “The divorce was the easy bit. The hard bit was being married to the wrong person. It’s always difficult to break up with somebody, but it’s been for the best and I knew it at the time and that’s why we’re not together.”

On the other end of this superstar couple, Olly has been linked with fellow X -Factor contestant Louisa Johnson since the beginning of this year when the pair sang a duet called “unpredictable”. But when asked about this so-called relationship, Olly has laughed it off, and so has Louisa. She apparently told reporters that Olly was more like a brother to her.

Olly Murs has been known to get the wrong end of the stick when it came to love in the past, ever since he separated from his long-term girlfriend model Francesca Thomas. It seemed the couple was really serious, but to everyone’s surprise, they announced their breakup at the end of 2015.

One good thing that came out of his heartbreak, though, was his fifth album “24 hours”, which represented his relationship with Francesca a lot.

Following that, he was linked romantically with his former X Factor co-host Caroline Flack, but both of them have always denied any such rumors, insisting that their relationship has always been purely platonic.

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