The Most Successful YouTube Stars of 2017

There probably aren’t too many people in the world today who haven’t heard of YouTube. It’s the largest video platform in the world, and in recent days has developed into a sort of social media too.

Millions of people spend hours on this site every day, and since the internet has begun to overtake the traditional TV and movie industry, there’s no surprise that some YouTubers gain massive followings and become celebrities. That doesn’t mean all of them are successful, but for the few that do make it big it means fame, money, and success.
These popular YouTubers are some of the most successful ones the video giant has enabled. Which of them is YOUR favorite?

The Fine Brothers

Channel: TheFineBros
Subscribers: 16 million

Benny and Rafi Fine are two of the mastermind behind one of YouTube’s most famous channels. Although you rarely see the two of screen, their videos that feature things like elders, kids, teens, and other YouTubers react to videos and news gain millions of viewers each! Since then, they have started up a full-blown production company that tackles TV and movies as well.

Felic Kjelberg

Channel: PewDieDie
Subscribers: 57 million

Felix has held onto the title of most subscribers for several years now. He is one of the first to popularize and actually make a career out of having a gaming channel. The way he doesn’t hold back and his unpretentious attitude are what draw his viewers. Even though Felic had been involved in a controversy a couple months back that caused him to lose a deal with Disney, his popularity and support has only grown. And of course, the king of YouTube is the crowning champion of “Highest paid YouTube Stars 2016”.

Rossnna Pansino

Channel: Nerdy Nummies
Subscribers: 9 million

Rosanna Pansino hosts a show called “Nerdy Nummies” which has attracted 9 million users so far. She makes sweet and savory treats based on “geeky” themes like video games, movies, books, and more. She also has a book out, and a line of baking equipment. Although the channel started out as a hobby, it has grown so much to land her on Forbes’s list of “10 highest paid stars on YouTube for 2016”!

Ryan Higa

Channel: NigaHiga
Subscribers: 20 million

Ryan Higa was another one of the first major YouTube stars to gain popularity and success. He produces videos that are based around comedy, pop culture, music videos, and more. What makes his videos stand out are the incredible quality, and the care he takes in making them puts him on par with “normal” directors.

Lily Singh

Channel: iiSuperwomanii
Subscribers: 12.2 million

Lily Singh, a Canadian Youtuber of Indian origin, has not only made quite a splash on the website but also gained success outside of it from it. She makes funny video rants based on things that people go through every day, making her relatable and extremely likeable. She has been on two world tours, released a feature film based on one of them, and has a book out called “How To Be A Bawse”. She has appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, and has had people like Michelle Obama, Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez, James Franco, and others on her videos! And on top of all that Lily is also third on Forbes’s “Highest paid YouTube Stars 2016”.

Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox

Channel: Smosh
Subscribers: 22 million

Smosh has probably been around for as long as YouTube itself! The channel was founded by childhood best friends Anthony Padilla and Ian Cox, focusing on comedy sketches and parody videos about pop culture. These guys are the first to have wax figures made at Madame Tussaud’s and have three films out, two on YouTube Red and one feature length film on Netflix. Although Anthony Padilla has recently left Smosh, Ian Hecox says he and the team at Smosh are excited about what the future holds, so they aren’t going anywhere! Smosh is also on the list of “Highest paid YouTube Stars 2016”.

Liza Koshy

Channel: Liza Koshy
Subscribers: 11.5 million

Liza Koshy is one of the more recent introductions to YouTube, and boy has he gained popularity fast in the 2-3 years she’s been making videos. Her self-deprecating humor and hilarious puns are what draw most of her viewers in. She also makes videos often with her boyfriend and fellow YouTuber David Dobrick. She came over from the now extinct Vine and has gone a long way, and has also stareed in the Netflix series Freakish.

Mark Fischbach

Channel: Markiplier
Subscribers: 18.3 million

Markiplier is another one YouTuber who has gained immense popularity, and profit, from his gaming videos. He was studying to become a biomedical engineer, but decided to ditch it to focus on his wildly popular YouTube channel. He says his future plans include trying out acting, singing, and producing music. Mark is also on the Forbes’s “Highest paid YouTube Stars 2016” list.

Rhett James McLaughlin & Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III

Channel: Good Mythical Morning
Subscribers: 12.6 million

Rhett and Link are two childhood friends who host a morning show everyday on their channel. Their dry humor and likeable personalities has gained the show its popularity. The show which includes commentary and interesting challenges has featured many guests over the years, including famous names like Daniel Radcliffe. They have also made funny jingles for real companies and have landed video sponsorships from big brands. They also secured a spot on Forbes’s “Highest paid YouTube Stars 2016” list.

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