You Need To Stop Eating These “Everyday” Food That Can Cause Cancer

We are what we eat, and that’s why it’s important to know about the foods we put into our bodies. This is becoming increasingly more apparent in this day and age, when large money-minded corporations tell us that they’re selling us is one thing, when in reality it is entirely another.

How many of us take the time to research and learn about whether the foods we deem to be healthy are actually so? How many of us go beyond simply reading the first two lines on the label of packaged foods at the supermarket?

It’s time for all of us to wake up and face the reality. The truth is that half of what we eat today in an attempt to be healthy ends up harming us. The following list includes many such products. They are some of the things that contribute to many diseases in humans, including the deadly cancer.

Here are 14 “everyday” foods that you need to stop eat now, because they may cause cancer:

1. Processed Meats

Processed meats like sausages, hot dogs, bacon, etc., are made using a whole host of chemicals and preservatives that make the final product last longer and taste better. They also wreak havoc on your health.

A study conducted on people who ate more than 160 grams of processed meat compared to those that ate less than 20 grams found that the former group had an increased risk of 44% for early death when compared to the latter.

2. Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn might be convenient but it can be extremely damaging to your health. This is because it comes with soybean oil (a GMO), plenty of preservatives and flavor additives. One such preservative called propyl gallate can cause stomach problems and skin rashes.

Furthermore the lining of the popcorn bags consists of perfluorooctanoic acid, which is a toxin that is known to cause infertility in women and increases the risk of kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas and testicular cancers.

3. Potato Chips

Potato chips might be delicious, but they are wasting our health away, one crunchy bite at a time.

Potato chips are one of the most common weight-gaining foods in the world. They are fried in high temperatures, and contain loads of trans-fats and sodium, which are known to increase cholesterol and blood pressure levels. They are also doused with copious amounts of preservatives, artificial flavors and additives. They even contain acrylamide, a carcinogen known to be found in cigarettes!

4. Farmed Salmon

Salmon is a great fish to eat, but farmed salmon is entirely different. Farmed salmon are bred in crowded spaces and fed a diet full of unnatural substances. As a result, they are contaminated with chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides, and carcinogens. They also have lower amounts of the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and 30% more sea lice than their wild counterparts.

5. Pickled and Smoked Foods

When you buy smoked and/or pickled foods prepackaged, you are also bringing home a whole load of harmful substances. Smoked meats and nuts are known to contain large amounts of tar, a known carcinogen. And pickled foods are cured using nitrates or nitrites as preservatives, which have been found to cause or increase the risk of cancers in the colon, rectum, or stomach.

6. Highly Processed White Flours

Refined grains are very bad for you, which is frightening when you think of how commonly they are consumed. Not only does the refining process destroy any nutrients present in the grain, modern mills are also known to use chlorine in the bleaching process. Chlorine is a gas that is a very harmful irritant; it can cause death in humans when inhaled or consumed in large quantities. Processed flour is also know to have a very high glycemic rate, which increasess blood sugar and insulin levels quite rapidly.

7. GMOs

Although the FDA has approved GMOs to be safe, did you know that there are no testing procedures in place for them?

A study conducted at the Rowett Institute in Scotland by Dr. Pusztai where rats were fed a diet of GMO foods found the resulting effect of compromised immune systems, pre-cancerous cell growth, and even smaller-sized brain and liver. All of this in only the first 10 days of the study! Imagine what a lifetime of eating such products can do to you!

8. Refined Sugars

Refined sugars aren’t good for you, but you already knew that. You probably didn’t know that they can increase the rate of development of cancer. In 1931, Otto Warburg, a German Nobel laureate in medicine, first discovered that tumors and cancers both use sugars to “feed” themselves and multiply. This is particular apparent when talking about sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

9. Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are marketed to those who want to avoid real sugar, like diabetic patients and those trying to lose weight. But did you know research has shown that they can worsen the condition in both of these people?

This is because such sweeteners are made using a whole lot of chemicals, including one called aspartame. This chemical is known to turn into a deadly toxin called DKP in our bodies which can cause cancer, most commonly brain tumor.

10. Diet Foods

If you want to lose weight, you should do it by eating fresh, natural, and healthy foods as well as exercising. Defaulting to “diet” foods you buy at the supermarket isn’t going to do you any good, and in fact ends up harming you further.

This is because pre-packaged “diet” foods like processed meats, soda, etc. are also treated with aspartame. It is known to cause many health complications like birth defects, heart problems, and cancer. The frightening thing is that such additives have been found to actually have a habit-forming effect on humans.

11. Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous poisons that is legal around the world, and people willingly pour into their bodies. Of course, moderate drinking is fine, but any drinking leads to risk of addiction and that can be fatal.

Alcohol abuse is the second most common cause of cancer after smoking. Excessive drinking is one of the top reasons for life-threatening conditions like strokes, heart failure, sudden death, breast cancer in women, and more.

12. Red Meat

While red meat can give your body benefits, it is important that it is consumed in moderation.

Having a diet that includes red meat every day increases the risk of death related to cancer by 22% in men and 20% in women. Studies have also found that excessive long-term red meat consumption could increase the risk of colon cancer in a person significantly.

13. Non-Organic Fruits

Non-organic foods are grown in conditions where they are made to grow as fast as possible with as little “defects” as possible. To ensure this, manufacturers use a whole load of chemicals, pesticides, and weed killers like thiodicarb, organophosphates, and atrazine.

Atrazine in particular has been known cause severe damage to humans. A study even found that pregnant women who drank water contaminated with it gave birth to babies with low body weight.

14. Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils are vegetable oils that cannot be extracted naturally. Therefore, they are treated with chemicals to separate the oils from the source. Afterward, they are often colored and deodorized in order to make them look appealing.

As a result, such oils contain large quantities of Omega-6 fatty acids, which are known to be the cause of heart disease and many cancers (skin cancer in particular).

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